Week 3: Dangerously Irrelevant

Week 3: Dangerously Irrelevant
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Dangerously Irrelevant is a website that gives awareness to the fact that education is transforming to be more technology based. As much as some people may try to avoid it, it’s happening. Schools are looking for potential employees that know how to work the Internet, computers, and iPads into the curriculum on a regular basis, not just a quick trip down to the computer lab to do some research for a class project. Our world overall is becoming more and more technology based as well. People prefer reading articles online rather than paying for a weekly newspaper. Youtube has more hits in the past two months than ABC, NBC, and CBS have combined since they started airing over sixty years ago!

The most interesting entry I found on this blog site was the Did You Know? 4.0 video. It has statistical facts about how the world is moving towards technology. One thing I have noticed without reading any blog is the age of a child when they get their first cell phone. I got my first cell phone at the end of my eighth grade year, so right when I was entering high school. I know some children who have cell phones as early as the fourth grade. I was blown away when I saw this visual in the video (the photo below). The answer:  2,272 text messages a month. Students use their phones to surf the web, text, call, and install applications to their phone. As much as parents and traditional teachers try to keep the educational experience the same as when they were in school, they’re only going to be left behind because it’s changing whether they are ready or not. I’m actually really excited about this technological change because it’s going to be happening while I’m looking for a job. It’s going to be new and exciting and I’m going to be learning with the students, too. With blogs such as Dangerously Irrelevant, I’m getting a head start on what to expect and plan for my future classroom! After owning an iPad, for example, for over a year now, I have learned how to use it. I’ll be prepared to give my students that hands-on learning experience that is being pushed so hard in the education curriculum today. I can guarantee my students will not just be popcorn reading from a textbook in every subject. As soon as schools go 1-1 iPads, there will be so much for them to learn and follow along as the teacher is teaching, rather than just following along in a textbook for 7 hours a day.

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