Week 9: Resources, Resources, and More Resources I Can Use!

Week 9: Resources, Resources, and More Resources I Can Use!
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The first website I visited was Invention at Play. This “invention playhouse” has games for students to use that deals with visual thinking, problem solving, exploring and collaboration. This website allows children to “set their own inventive thinking in motion.” The inventors make a good point when they say, “The abilities humans develop through play—curiosity, persistence, imagination, communication, problem solving—have been and continue to be an important part of the inventor’s tool kit.” Play is a big part of how students learn about themselves and the world around them, it’s important we give our students that freedom to “play” because who knows, we may have the next Einstein in our class.

The next website I came across was one for organizing, it’s called Box. With Box, teachers can do online file sharing, whether it’s with students, parents, or other teachers. It also allows students to have online discussions, which would be great when asking homework questions, or even discussing an assignment online, especially for those students that hesitate asking questions in class or participating in class discussions because they are afraid of public speaking. It’d be great for saving paper, too, because students would need to hand in hard copies of assignments all the time, which is turn helps out the teacher with keeping his/her desk organized and clean!

I really enjoyed searching through SurfNetKids because there were so many different resources I could see myself using someday, whether I’m teaching elementary or middle school math! There are multiple different links to math assignments organized by math topic. There are also links to geography and social studies, history and holidays, science, and much more! There are so many topics under each category, and even when you click on those, for example, under science, there’s a link for learning about the immune system, and then within that category, there are even more resources for the teacher to use to teach the students about the immune system! On the homepage there is also a Directory of Games for the students to learn and engage themselves in a wide variety of subject areas!

There is a huge list of resources on Web 2.0 – 21st Century Tools. There are tools for everything! There are tools for audio, blogging, bookmarking, digital storytelling, file sharing, presentations and slideshows, and much, much more! Just having this site as a tool automatically gives me at least 100 other sites as tools to access depending on what it is I’m wanting to use! There are multiple different resources under each of these categories, and I can definitely see myself using this in my future classroom!

One of my favorite assignments for this technology class has been pinning resources I have found. One board I really like adding to is the iPad in the Classroom board. As a future elementary teacher with a concentration in math, I really enjoyed finding the App Tutor – Introduction to Long MultiplicationHaving this as a resource will lead me to many other iPad app resources, too.



Another resource I really like is the online student portfolio. Students would be able to upload assignments online, access resources the teacher posts, etc., which would help the teacher with grading assignments and providing feedback.

Another helpful resource would be tips to going paperless. It would help teachers reduce the amount of paper they use to print homework assignments, notes, handouts, etc. It would also reduce the chances of losing homework assignments, bulky binders, and messy desks. It is similar to the Evernote Student idea.

I am so excited but so terrified of being a teacher. I have heard that the first year of teaching is going to be the hardest, but I am so excited for it. However, I think the more prepared I am, the easier and more fun it will be. 20 Tips for First Year Teachers is a great website with what teachers should know, expect, and prepare for before going into their first year.






This week in technology class, we learned how to use Google Docs and how they can be used in cooperative learning even if you aren’t with your assigned group. This Google Docs page teaches you fifty different ways that they can be used in the classroom.

One of the biggest problems that I’m afraid of is time management. With a Calendar app, it will make time management more efficient and manageable. I will be able to keep track of due dates, parent-teacher conference meetings, and prepare me each day on what I have coming up or need to prepare for in order to make my classroom run smoothly and effectively. 


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